When a child is born, popular belief usually puts us in a cabbage or a rose. How sad !!! It’s wrong !!! A child is brought in chatbus, in a farandole of blacks and other mythical creatures !!! Above the cradle of wood and feathers of ours were fairy tales, quickly swept by grumpy trolls, chubby mushrooms and, rare thing, a blue leopard giraffe !!! All thanks to the magic of the fimo and Dedee André … but do not say it, I risk the stake!

Trolls, dragons and other chimeras.

I admit, I’m for something, if I had not bathed in parallel worlds and hallucinated generated by mountebanks of the twentieth century, between Harold the Barrel, the son of Mandrin and other Musical box,

Tolkien, Totoro, and Dedee André.

To make this little beautiful stage, (it is, the devil modesty and other hypocrisies!), I launched a call on social networks because it seemed insurmountable to realize the humanoid part of this adventure. My mother always said to me: “No, you have it; a yes, you’ll get it “, then it’s all the magic of Facebook, a fairy looked into my case and replied:” young wretch, I have something that can interest you! ! ”

(she did not use it wickedly in her words, but it sounds good in the context, then, fantasy of the author!) what do I say, the queen of the fairies, so remarkable is her art, Dedee Andée, a magician of resin and polymer clay, it includes in its resins worlds and wonders, unique moments, it freezes time in unalterable transparencies. Dedee gave life, in her fingers to this little pink creature, which can only be born of the delicacy of a fairy! And she made me a present of this moment. It only remained for me to be up to it.

The bestiary fimo, the grouchy troll.

Inspired by my readings, my wanderings on the canvas and my film culture, I searched in the bottom of my memory the creatures that I would have liked to meet during my whimsical walks. A grouchy troll first, (it’s me actually, that’s what qualifies me the best !!! so easy to do)

Quick modeling, cooking and carving to finish. Nice to work the polymer clay with a scalpel, a zest of sanding, dry pastels funny eyes and a bit perverse a stroke of varnish not to mention the griffounettes to hang on to the cradle, although little needed in view of the nasal appendix that it serves him grappling !!!!

The bestiary fimo, the blue leopard giraffe.

It exists only in a remote area of ​​the Old World, on the borders of Wellostell, on the Heimley River. My wife, in her travels saw some and brought me engravings, I was able to inspire myself.

Of a blue leopard color, we recognize the female through these yellow spots that often go by three. Its slenderness and height give it such speed that its ears are profiled just like its muzzle. An articular setback in the eyebrows allows him to adjust his position in the middle of the race, much like an aircraft today disappeared from our world, catching up with the sun’s course. Blue premo, dry pastels, yellow acrylic, the same funny eyes as the troll, here is this blue leoparded giraffe.

The bestiary fimo, the mushroom chubby.

We forget, we grow and we form, but child, we see our imaginary friend, some deny them, others accept them. they are not scary, they are our guide, but we have forgotten them for most of us. Our princess, she still remembers, she saw an old gentleman, we surprised her to look at the emptiness and talk, and she said, “it’s the Old Man !!! “His old gentleman, whom I have never seen, I represented him as a troll mushroom, chubby and debonair.

Green Prémo, dry pastels again and again, orange acrylic and funny eyes! (I’ve had them for 15 years, this is the first time I use them! Do not throw anything !!!) A sympathetic trombine worthy of Dark Crystal and other productions of Jim Henson who accompanied me for a long time, today still. Jim Henson being the creator of the Muppets show among others. (Note the troll mushroom likes places furnished with odds and ends, hardware and clutter!)