Previously in the adventurous adventures of a Fimo adventurer

Following a summer storm, Léontine was swept away by the unleashed elements, Mr. Kite flying, also lost body and soul, carried away by a gust of wind, broken line above this beach deserted by human beings, thus abandoning the one and the other their brood without protection to the good will of destiny. It was then that this creature appeared, little known, because almost impossible to observe by the common mortal, the Griffard.

The Griffard, the story of an enchantment.

The woody griffin, so difficult to see, was born of ancient enchantment, at a time when the gods themselves were still young.Tired of seeing entire darks disappearing from the anger of the elements they could not control in their immaturity, they charged an old woman, down on Earth, to fix it. This old indigent lived in a hut on the edge of the forest, far from the men who looked at her with an evil eye, accusing her of all the evils, for it was known in the neighborhood that the old woman indulged in practices which few between them could not understand. Little did it matter to her, the considerations of these uneducated beggars and little inclined to the slightest courage, to go out after the sun set was unthinkable. But that’s not the point.

The old woman, exhausted, sat on a block of granite eroded by the spray and set time back on. The wind, abruptly, rose and, in a whirlwind, raised the objects deposited by the magician and, twirling, they assembled. Driftwood, veil torn from a walnut shell, lost buttons and other leather bands and a quartz intertwined, clashing until they were nothing more than a living, strange thing, endowed with strange arms ending with terrifying claws, legs like roots, huge ears, to hear the heartbeats of the abandoned leagues around, a nose capable of feeling all the dangers and infinite goodness …

“Listen to me, you. the gods have charged you to watch over the insects of the Earth. So you must remain invisible to men, never come near their homes unless it is necessary, you will have to raise alone the dwarves and in your life you will be allowed to keep one of these beasts. tame and shape it as you please and then you will be the equal of the gods because you will be the creator, but during your very long life, this chance will only be given once, make good use Griffard. Before leaving, take this, it is a staff of light, it will guide you in the middle of the unleashed elements, take care. Now go! ”

The older woman left, leaving the Griffard, as she named it, to her destiny. Hurrying to take shelter, he took his stick and cracked his knuckles and lost himself in the eyes of men.


How then will you tell me, then I know all that, me modest modeller, living in a world where the imagination unimaginable is not possible ??? Just because the ancestor is not unknown to me, she was already very old when she bequeathed her art and knowledge to the grandmother of my mother’s grandmother. This is how this story happened to me and I revealed it to you believing it is over and it is wrong. Imagining the Griffard disappeared for ages, I brought him to the knowledge of men and women, and yet there is little he appeared on a beach, alarmed by the cries of the offspring of Léontine and Mr. flying deer and I Saw it. Judge instead.

The set is made of Fimo Classic and Premo. In addition you will need wire, leather for the strap of the wallet, an amethyst for the power ring and a little brass and gold wire for the firefly stick. The rest, you have already since time !!!!