Even if it’s a pebble in the water since you’ve probably read it all for a long time, I do not resist the urge to communicate on the release of the special issue of Polymère & Co dedicated to an artist become a must today.

Polymers and other fimo …

I’m not going to introduce it here since I’ve already said almost everything in the presentation that I devoted to it in this special issue and some time ago in an article I published on this blog, article that you find here.

I just invite you to have a lot of fun with this issue, because it finally allows you to access the “Akak touch”, its techniques, its colors, its advice, all well tied by the editorial and graphic team of Polymer & Co. If you do not have it yet, maybe you can get it in bookstores, if there are any, it’s worse than the buns or so directly at Polymère.