Polymer clay has been used to come up with interesting charms. Talk of necklaces, bracelets and also toys for children. Some of the ideas beginners can try with polymer clay to come up with charms include:

Clay Nest Bird Polymer

For beginners who are new to the world of using clay polymers, this is among the simplest to learn from. The polymer is used to make hairpins of bird’s nest and is attached greatly to brooch pin, bobby pin or even you can attach it to bails then wear the combination like a necklace. When making this, you should be in with Scalpel clay as it’s easy and soft for molding. FIMO SOFT is also an option for the start. The other clay forms form difficulty taking more time. For polymer clay, once you fold it becomes ready with no cracks featured.

Clay Popsicle Charms

This is a product from Sculpey Polyform. This is a charm which when formed is so cute and can be formed from polymer clay. Who would not like that colorful wear from the summer around the hand as a bracelet or even around the neck as a necklace? This is the charm to make your summer as memorable. The polymer clay is not as expensive, ease of use and also takes a small amount to come up with amazing things. For this charm you only need eye pins, clear remover of nail polish, toothpick, rolling pin and Souffle Polymer clay.

Gold Wishbone

To make this necklace you will need spray paint, pliers, jump rings made of gold, jewelry chain made of gold and the polymer clay. The procedure to come up with the charm entails several steps which are: roll that clay to form a ball then place it on smooth paper or mat, roll the clay such that it forms a longer shape and bend it as desired. Form a wishbone on the top and trim all ends such that they are in a match then roll the ends to be smooth. After it cools spray it then brush off with the polish. Attach the jump ring on the wishbone on the end of the chain.

Green Apple

The supplies for making this charm include plastic of colors which are suitable for charms such as brown and white then plus another color. The third color is dependent on apple color. You also need a needle or toothpick and paste machine. Roll the polymer clay then cut the skin of then apply and use it to wrapping the balls. Fold the skin such that it does not overlap then use the pins to pin all the formed edges.

Baby Charm

The supplies required include eye pin, needle tool, polymer clay, colored clay skin tone color and colored clay color of hair. Begin by rolling the polymer clay and the skin color clay of the same size. From the center of the two cut the rolls. Attach the two different rolls of clay to each other then use a pin to enforce then roll other rolls for forming the legs and arms and attach such. For the legs from more of S shape for attaching. Use the needle tool to sketch the face.

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